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The app built for co-parents who want to share child expenses.
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We're here to improve the lives of co-parents and their children

Divorce Statistics


Percent of First Marriages end in Divorce


Average Cost of Divorce in the U.S.


Costs of raising a child covered by child support

Co-parenting is normal. We're helping to remove the stigma around divorce.
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We'll help lower your costs by showing data on who owes who.
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We'll help you track the other 47% not covered by child support, like clothes.
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Add up all of your shared expenses in one easy to read invoice for your co-parent

Whether you pay each other back once a month or go back and forth on every expense, Onward will send an invoice to your co-parent and help you get paid back quicker.

Could it get any easier?

Seamlessly share expenses with our co-parenting app

We know how hard it can be to talk to your co-parent about money. We make that process easier by enabling you to easily add expenses, share them with your co-parent, upload a receipt, and pay each other back right from the app.

Keeping the peace.

Send your co-parent invoices for all of your shared expenses

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What co-parents think

“Onward changed everything for us. Now we have a solution that’s intuitive, accurate, and simple.”
“On a scale of 1-10 for how valuable it is, it's a 20! I can always come back to the app to show my ex what he owes me, which has helped our communication a lot!”
“We used to just default to splitting everything evenly, which doesn't always make sense or happen in practice. Now we can easily change that."

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