Our Mission:

To improve the lives of co-parents and create happier homes for the next generation.

Our why:

We all know someone who has been divorced, we’ve been through it ourselves, or we’ve seen our loved ones go through it. We’ve seen firsthand the complexity of co-parenting.

Divorce is often viewed as a negative with stigmas attached to it. This narrative is one of struggle and loss of hope setting up potentially detrimental circumstances to raise children.

At Onward, we see things a little differently. We are reframing the narrative. As much as divorce is the end of something it also represents a new beginning. There are millions of co-parent families and there is a valuable lesson in every journey.

We believe there is a world where co-parents can collaboratively work together to get the most out of everyday life. Finances are the #1 cause of arguments among divorced and separated parents. These arguments often fuel tension in their relationship which can then degrade the quality of life for their children.

Our goal is to enable financial independence by automating and eliminating stressful conversations around money. We empower co-parents to amicably communicate about finances to set the stage for the next phase of life.

Through our financial planning platform children of divorced parents are not at a disadvantage when it comes to preparing for their financial futures.


Meet our team members:

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