Manage expenses with your co-parent and get paid back

At Onward, we see things a little differently. We believe in enabling financial independence by empowering co-parents to amicably communicate about finances while setting the stage for the next phase of life.

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Co-parenting is hard enough. Onward makes it easier

Add expenses and share requests with your co-parent to simplify the process so you can focus on what really matters!

Here’s what parents are saying about us...

“We used to just default to splitting everything evenly, which doesn't always make sense or happen in practice. Now we can easily change that."
“I never knew how much I spent on my children until I started using Onward to track and manage my spending."
“On a scale of 1-10 for how valuable it is, it's a 20! I can always come back to the app to show my ex what he owes me, which has helped our communication a lot!”

Add up all of your shared expenses in one easy to read invoice for your co-parent

Whether you pay each other back once a month or go back and forth on every expense, Onward will send an invoice to your co-parent and help you get paid back quicker.

Could it get any easier?

We are one big community. Co-parenting is a little less lonely knowing there are over 50 million of us.

Divorce Statistics


cost of raising a child covered by child support

We’ll help you track the other 47% not covered by child support, like medical costs.


Average cost of a divorce in the U.S.

We’ll help you lower legal costs by enabling you to export and know what you’re spending on your kids.


of first time marriages end in divorce

Co-parenting is normal. We’re helping remove the stigma around divorce.

Seamlessly share expenses with our co-parenting app

We know how hard it can be to talk to your co-parent about money. We make that process easier by enabling you to easily add expenses, share them with your co-parent, upload a receipt, and pay each other back right from the app.

Why co-parents love us

Child specific expense tracking

Details record keeping for all expenses

Get paid back sooner using Onward