Seamlessly share expenses with your co-parent

Enter shared expenses, and then send an invoice to your co-parent to get paid back. It's that easy!

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Organize expenses you are owed money for

Keep all shared expenses organized in one place with an invoice for the week or month that you plan to get reimbursed for.

"I highly recommend it to any co-parent who wants to save themselves the headache of talking to their ex about money."

Share them with your co-parent, lawyer or both

We know that negotiating repayment on shared expenses can be very difficult. Send an invoice to your co-parent or choose to include a third party like a lawyer on the email.

"Onward has made it so much easier to keep track of our shared expenses. I can easily see what I'm owed and send invoices with just a few clicks."

Keep a timeline and record of everything for court

Stay up to date on the progress of repayment for shared expenses and keep all of your transactions organized.