Remodeling Your Child’s Room on a Budget After a Divorce

Chris Jackson
January 23, 2023
Start managing shared expenses with your co-parent easily!

Whether you're recently divorced or have been divorced for a while, it's vital that you make your house feel like home for your child. A large part of that involves ensuring that their bedroom is a comfortable and secure space.

Remodeling your child's room is an expense you will likely face every few years. In most cases, your child's room will need to be updated every few years to accommodate their changing needs and tastes. As a result, it's helpful to know how to navigate this project and remain on budget. 

Here are our top tips and tricks to transform your child’s room into a place that they will love on a budget.

Draw Up a Budget 

A budget can help you spend wisely and guide you on what you can and can't afford.

Evaluate your expenses, and see how far you can stretch your income towards the remodel. Remodeling is typically a planned expense so you may be able to save up for it depending on your circumstances.

When drawing up your budget, try not to be too rigid. Allow for some extra funds for items that may cost more than you originally planned to spend or one or two non-essentials that may add fun and sparkle into your child's space.

Have a Plan

Divorced parents are particularly vulnerable as they may look for ways to ease the emotional challenges their child may be dealing with. With the vast array of adorable decor pieces in the market, it can be challenging for a doting parent to resist. As a result, it is important to have a plan before immersing yourself in shopping. 

Take time to map out precisely what you need for the remodel and how much these items cost. Research online, compare prices, and draw up a realistic budget. Knowing what you need can prevent splurging on unnecessary items. 

Get Your Child's Input

Asking your child how they would like their room can make them feel involved. Divorce can take a toll on your child, so allowing them to have a say in how their room looks gives them a sense of control. Working on the remodel together is an excellent opportunity to bond and spend time together. 

Think Long Term

Planning correctly and having a long-term vision could reduce the cost of remodeling a space. kids' preferences change quickly, so purchasing items that will see them through years to come can be effective. For example, toddlers' novelty beds may look cute but may need to be replaced as your child grows. Wooden furniture and beds are a good investment because you can customize them by painting them in your child's favorite color. 

Buy Children's Furniture Second Hand

Whether you're going for a novelty bed or a kid's sized table and chairs, consider purchasing these items second-hand. You can often get children's furniture almost new and in good condition at a much cheaper price. Since kids grow out of these pieces quickly,  parents may sell them after owning them for just a couple of years. 

Shop at Sales for Bedding, Decor Items, and Accessories

You want your child to be happy in their space and surrounded by the things they love. A fantastic way to do this is to maintain a neutral palette in the bedroom and update the look with bedding, accessories, and decor items. For example, It's easy to swap out Batman bedding and lamp shades for ones with a space theme, paint the walls every so often in your child's new favorite color, and use shelves to display toys, art, and action figures to reflect their latest obsession. 

Since you're unlikely to keep these items for very long, try to buy them at sales. This can be especially helpful when your child is into something different, and you're forced to toss them, it won't hurt as much! Items to look for on sale that will give your child's room a new look include neon lights, lamp shades, bookends, bedding, curtains, rugs, cushions, and art.


Remodeling or redecorating your child's bedroom can be expensive, but with a bit of planning and clever shopping, you can create a space your child will love within budget. 

Start managing shared expenses with your co-parent easily!

Chris Jackson