Divorce Coach

How a Divorce Coach Can Help You Through the Divorce Process

Divorce is a challenging journey, filled with emotional turmoil, complex legal proceedings, and life-altering decisions. Amid these troubled waters, a divorce coach can make a significant difference. If you're wondering what a divorce coach is and how they can help, you're in the right place.

Understanding the Role of a Divorce Coach

Divorce coaches are professionals who guide individuals through the divorce process. Unlike legal advisors who focus on legal aspects or therapists who delve into the emotional side, divorce coaches offer a holistic approach, helping clients manage both practical and emotional challenges.

What Does a Divorce Coach Do?

A divorce coach provides personalized support, helping clients set goals, make informed decisions, and develop coping strategies. They act as personal advocates, offering guidance on navigating the complex maze of divorce proceedings and assisting with communication strategies.

The Benefits of Working with a Divorce Coach

Clarity and Focus

Divorce can be overwhelming. A divorce coach helps clients maintain clarity and focus on what's important, ensuring they don't make decisions based on temporary emotions.


While hiring a divorce coach is an additional cost, it can save money in the long run by helping clients avoid costly mistakes and make efficient use of their time with attorneys and other professionals.

Better Outcomes

A divorce coach's guidance can lead to more amicable resolutions, particularly beneficial when children are involved. Coaches encourage collaboration and communication, resulting in more favorable outcomes for all parties.

How Does a Divorce Coach Differ from Other Professionals?

Family Mediator vs. Divorce Coach

A family mediator helps couples resolve disputes and reach agreements without taking sides. Conversely, a divorce coach works directly with one party, providing personalized support and advocacy.

Marriage Counselor vs. Divorce Coach

A marriage counselor focuses on resolving issues within the marriage with the hope of reconciliation. A divorce coach steps in when the decision to divorce has already been made, helping individuals navigate the process and move forward.

When to Consider Hiring a Divorce Coach

  • You're feeling overwhelmed.
  • You want to make the best decisions for your future.
  • You're struggling with communication.
  • You need help with the process.

Finding the Right Divorce Coach

Look for coaches with relevant training and experience, consider compatibility, and ask for references from others who have worked with them.

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Why Choose Onward?

Onward offers comprehensive resources and personalized support to help you through this difficult period. Our platform provides:

  • Educational Modules: Learn everything you need to know about the divorce and annulment processes.
  • Divorce Coach Consultations: Get expert advice tailored to your situation.
  • Child Custody Guidance: Navigate custody agreements and visitation rights.
  • Financial Tools: Manage and divide assets with ease.

Flexible Pricing Plans

We understand that everyone's needs and financial situations are different. That's why Onward offers three pricing tiers:

  1. Free Plan: Access to three learning modules and one divorce coach consultation.
  2. Standard Plan: $50/month for unlimited modules, tools, a chatbot, and one divorce coach consultation.
  3. Premium Plan: $400/month for everything in the Standard Plan, plus a dedicated divorce coach with two monthly video calls and unlimited messaging.

Make the Right Choice for You

Choosing between divorce and annulment is a significant decision that depends on your unique circumstances. Understanding the legal grounds, processes, and implications is crucial. With Onward, you can make informed choices with confidence.

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